Long-time listener, first-time caller

20 08 2010

I have avoided writing a blog, actually.  I read bunches.  I have RSS feeds that stream blogs at me so much that every once in a while I give up and mark all as read.  I follow beauty blogs, political blogs, blogs specific to Indonesia, tech blogs, and economics blogs. From these I worried that I don’t have enough to say to have a blog.  Moreover, working in Public Diplomacy for the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, I never wanted my blog to appear as representing official policy.

However, I want to apply for a job where they don’t just want experience in social media at work, but want proof that I have my own social networks, so I decided to start a blog.  I apologize in advance for adding to the sound and the fury, but I will attempt to say something relevant to someone, somewhere.




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